The real uncle “sitting ” gold property “, or ” shell ” let the public?

The real uncle “sitting “ gold property “, or “ shell “ let the public?

Recently, the exposure of the Guangzhou City Bureau of the Panyu branch of the political commissar Cai Bin wife and children under the name has 21 real estate news caused a great disturbance. The local discipline inspection departments to promptly investigate confirmed this fact, and that Cai Bin used to submit the family property declaration with actual some distance. ( xinhuanet.com )

21 property, according to the current market value of about 40000000 yuan in cash equivalent. “ Uncle Cai Bin “ real “ with gold production “, but in the organization to submit family Moncler Down Coats Womenproperty declaration of its intention to conceal, obviously.

I think that for the “ thirty-six plan “ [ twenty-first ] to do a quick change of plan, a cicada as adults to take off the first shell, manufacture or use illusion to escape, make the other side can not be found. “ The real uncle” is going through a false declaration of propert

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